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The Truth about Karate for Kids – Part 4

Here are two more fantastic life skills your child can gain from a kids Karate class.

Goal Setting

Any child, who starts to learn Karate, arrives to class with a few goals in mind. These goals are as simple as learning a new Karate technique, advancing to the next belt rank, and impressing his or her parents. Once a short-term goal is achieved, confidence settles in, and Karate training is a succession of goals.

Therefore, overcoming obstacles, which routinely occur
within martial arts, become “second nature.” Children, who regularly accomplish goals, within their Karate class, learn to accept adversity, set-backs, and disappointments. Finding solutions “under fire” is a routine part of a Karate classes for children. This is extremely rewarding and builds a child’s self esteem to the core of his or her inner being.

Anger Management

Karate class gives children an outlet for life’s daily
stress. Children today have too much stress with unstable family units, bullies, peer pressure, and financial worries. The Karate studio serves as a bridge between academic school and the family unit. Children have a safe place to “vent” their frustrations, when they come into a Karate class.

Many physical education programs, in schools, have been scaled back – and playing out on the street is very unsafe. Karate is safe, physical, and supervised. Kicking and punching bags, or target pads, is just one way for children to get some frustration out of their systems.

Children also learn to count and yell (kia) within the
Karate class at appropriate times. The kia is the sound you often hear when a Karate practitioner demonstrates a breaking technique. The ability to vocalize is an empowering experience for children and a natural part of childhood.

Running, jumping, punching, kicking, and screaming are
normal, but children are often put on prescriptions for being active. Karate gives children a safe and structured solution for managing anger. Many parents, with children in our Karate classes at our North Providence facility, remark that their children sleep better, are more focused on homework, and are more cooperative after a Karate lesson.

If we spent our childhood years with less physical
activity, more stress, and were told to be quiet all the time, we would have anger management issues, as well. Extra energy is a part of youth, and you can easily see this in any species. Youth is full of energy, taking chances, and learning boundaries. This is why “Karate for Kids” is so valuable in developing character within our children today. There is no equal to Karate training, in structure, or in child development.

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Paul Jerard is the director of Yoga teacher training at Aura in RI. He’s a master instructor of martial arts and Yoga. He teaches Yoga, martial arts, and fitness. He wrote: Is Running a Yoga Business Right for You? For Yoga students wanting to be a Yoga teacher.