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Think Before You Ink? You Won’t Regret It.

This article is really a result of a growing trend that I have witnessed for cover up tattoos. It seems like ever day I see someone looking for a new custom tattoo design to cover up some old in k they had done. Getting rid of an old tattoo that you no longer like is not so easy. Your only two options are painful and expensive laser removal or a cover up design.

Unfortunately most people can not afford the laser removal and honestly most cover up tattoos are big, black, and can even draw more attention to itself.
So honestly the best option is to think before you ink. This is going to become our new motto. Unfortunately there are tons of people out there that do not think before getting a tattoo and later end up regretting them.

Top 5 reasons people state for wanting to get rid of a tattoo.

1. Got the tattoo while out with friends drunk.
2. I was young when I got it.
3. It really was not the design I wanted.
4. It is too common and doesn’t speak to me anymore.
5. The symbol is wrong or I did not know what it stood for.

These are so common that we have come across people that are getting cover up tattoos for all of the above reasons. Recently with the growing trend of Japanese Kanji tattoos many people are paying good money for these only to find later they don’t mean what they were originally told. Also they often don’t translate well. For example getting something like “Bling” or “Pimp” translated to Japanese just does not work. There is no kanji for these words.

It is vitally important that you spend some time coming up with an original tattoo idea. Do some research on the symbolism behind the tattoo design and think about what you want it to say. Then have a professional tattoo artist do the design for you. Take the time to look at the design maybe mull over it for a few days. You can even have a tattoo artists do the work with a sharpie first and spend some time thinking about it.

Tattoos are expensive and custom tattoo can cost even more. However the artwork will be original and unique and it will speak to you more then some flash design off the wall in your local tattoo shop. Actually if you think of it custom tattoos can be a big savings. It is more expensive to get a cover up done or go through laser removal. So spend some time thinking about your tattoo and do some research on the design. It is way better then regretting the design for the rest of your life.

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