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Togo is a Populated Country

The thin strip of land in Western Africa is bordering Ghana to the west, Benin to the East, Burkina Faso to the North and its narrow coastline stenches onto the Gulf of Guinea in the South.

The countries topography consists of gently undulating grasslands in north hill country in the centre, a tableland in the south and low coastal plain with extensive beaches, lagoons and marshes.

Togo land, of which modern Togo was formerly a part, was colonised by the Germans in 1894. The German occupation has been ended by a joint Anglo French force early in the First World War. In 1960 French Togo land became Togo.

The climate in Togo is tropical hot and humid in the southern parts and semiarid, dry and cooler in the north of the country. The rainy season is from April to July, with over 50 inches of rain annually and a shorter rainy spell in October and November. Temperatures in Lome average 27.

Togo is the most populated country in West Africa, with over four million people and about 30 tribal groups. The largest being the Ewe in the South and the Kabre in the north. Ewe, the largest ethnic group in Togo migrated from Nigeria to the coast of Togo between the 14th and 16th century, where they started living in loose village groupings separate from the other tribes. The other ethnic group Kabre were very cohesive though less influential and had their stronghold in the surrounding areas of Kara and Sokode.

Togo has a rich and multifaceted culture full of traditional rituals and practices. The Ewes for example give lot of importance to spiritual life and life after death and this is the reason why the most important event in cultural terms is the funeral. They believe that after a person dies, his reincarnated soul or djoto will return in the next child born in the same lineage while his death soul or luvo may linger amongst the living.

The government has a comprehensive environmental code, but environmental policy is last on the priority list. This has resulted in all the once famous game parks depleted due to unhindered poaching and deforestation. Keran, Togos premier national park is left with virtually no wildlife it once was a very famous reserve. Due to construction of a new port in Lome, many beaches have been submerged and a high rate of pollution compounds the problem to such a height that unless until the government takes some positive action soon, Toga is heading for an ecological disaster.

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