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Understanding Women

If you have been trying to understand women for years, join the group! Most of the dating tips for men express what not to do, what to do and how to stay out of the doghouse, but very few actually focus on understanding women. That is because there are very few people that actually understand women, and of those people no one is fessing off the secrets.

It is not difficult to understand women, but for so many years others have put such an emphasis on the inability to understand that most men have simply given up. Women are complicated and it takes a while to learn the specifics of any woman, but it can be done. One of the keys is continuing on, following guidelines and setting it all in action.

Tip 1

Despite the past 50 years and womens fight to be independent they still like to be treated like a lady. Because someone wants to be treated equally does not mean that they give up being feminine or wanting a man to take care of them emotionally. There is a huge difference between giving someone equality and taking care of them emotionally. Most men fail miserably in this category and it is all because they simply do not understand it. Many men make the mistake of saying if she wants independence and equality then let her open her own door. This is the wrong way to think and gets many in trouble. Now there are women out there in the world that are offended by a man opening a door or showing other signs of gentlemen like behavior. Dont worry about these women because they have issues far further than the opening of a door. Concentrate on being a gentleman, treating a lady with respect and understanding that equality does not equal a lack of gentlemen like behavior.

Tip 2

Most men get very frustrated because women sometimes blow things out of proportion. This is how the man sees it, but women see it very differently. This is because men and women think very differently, let me try to explain. Men think more logically and are not as concerned with personal statements or emotional information in normal conversation. On the other hand women are more emotional and evaluate statements based on personal information.

When a man makes a comment the woman is likely to believe that he is speaking about her just without the backbone to say her name. This is one of the leading flaws of women and many of them have trouble overcoming this feat. Men need to be careful with what they say and how it could sound based on this information. If you know that talking about the fat lady at the next table will likely leave her wondering whether or not you think she is fat, avoid the comment. Now many men would complain that this is like walking on eggshells. The question then becomes do you want to monitor what to say, or be alone? Your choice!!

Tip 3

Women want a good guy with a bad boy a image. On the whole they do not want someone that is ugly to them, abusive or not a gentleman. Just because a woman wants someone that is not a pushover does not mean that he necessarily has to be a bad boy or criminal. When women go for this type of man they are looking for someone that will stand up, make decisions and not let others run over them. You can do all of this and more without being a true bad boy. They key is to stand up for yourself, demand respect and not let others push you over. It is fine to be nice, but do not fall in to the nice guy trap. Certain studies have shown that women do not want this no matter what they say. They are simply not attracted to someone that can not hold their own emotionally.

Keep these three tips in mind and you should experience a reletively pain free relationship.

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