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Use the Top Secret Push-Pull Technique to Attract Women Now

You’ve heard it before, and I’ll say it again. Nice guys finish last!

Why is this true? Basically, the reason is because they cater to women too much. There is no challenge. By doing too much and consistently paying attention to them, the women are basically bored to tears.

The problem is that nice guys cater too much to the needs of women. By consistently paying attention and doing too much for women, these guys provide women no challenge and no “chase.” And, regardless of what they say, women really do like a challenge even when they deny it.

Like I said, being too nice will not get you where you want to be with women. The good news is that there is a way to be nice to women yet simultaneous build the necessary attraction. Actually, this is a great way to be an interesting, fun person but without being too nice.

I call this technique the “Push-Pull.” Trust me, it works!

Here’s why…

Basically, the idea is to pull her in by do something nice then do something that will slightly push her away. It is effective because she never really knows if you are interested in her. As you probably know, it’s human nature to want what we can’t have.

Also, by consistently using the push-pull technique, you will begin to build a lot of attraction because she will have to work for your attention.

To reap the most benefits from the technique, start using it the very first time you meet a woman. If you want to attract women now, you must use it from the beginning. There is no getting around this fact.

For instance, apply the technique during your first conversation with her when you introduce yourself. Try giving her a compliment and then say something that slightly insulting. Now, there is a fine balance between complimenting and insulting so use that example cautiously.

What you need to remember with the push-pull technique is that smiling throughout tells her that you are joking. You will be very successful if you can subconsciously push her away by consistently teasing her while also pulling her in with compliments.

The key to this technique is that she continually wants your attention during those times when you “push her away.” With a little practice, you will eventually master the push-pull technique and become a natural. Why wait? Go out, start practicing and attract women now!

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