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What Are the 5 S’s And How Do They Work?

Dr. Harvey Karp is a well-known pediatrician that has long had a passion for understanding colic and crying. Since 1981 when he received the prestigious Ehrmann Fellowship to study colic and crying Dr. Harvey Karp has been one of the leading experts of finding relief for babies that suffer from the mysterious condition known as colic. Dr. Harvey Karp is also an advocate for breastfeeding, and has written a very famous book entitled The Happiest Baby On The Block.

In his book The Happiest Baby On The Block Dr. Harvey Karp teaches parents the 5 S’s to help parents learn how to calm their baby. The 5 S’s are helpful when your baby is crying, suffering from colic, or just feels uncomfortable. The world is a scary and overwhelming place for a new baby, but with the help of Dr. Harvey Karp new parents can learn how to quiet the cries of their babies in very little time. The combination of all five elements will help you and your baby get through your first days and weeks better than you ever thought possible.

What are the 5 S’s?

They are:

* Swaddling. This is the art of snuggly wrapping your baby to provide warmth and security. Babies are often calmed when they are wrapped tightly as this sort of mimics the way the baby felt in the womb. Swaddling is one of the most effective ways to calm and quiet your fussy baby.

* Side/Stomach position. The side/stomach position is the best way for your baby to sleep in his or her crib. Not only is it the safest, it’s the most comfortable for your little one. If you put your baby to sleep in this position him or she is less likely to work their way out of the wrapped blanket.

* Shushing. Most parents do this; they just don’t do it loud enough. The shushing is the normal “shah” noise that we all instinctively make when a baby cries, but babies really do like this noise. This noise mimics the noise in the womb, so babies will feel calm and safe. Dr. Harvey Karp has demonstrated that doing this noise right next to the baby is often very effective.

* Swinging. Swinging, whether it’s in the arms of the parent or in an infant swing, swinging is highly effective in calming a baby. Again, swinging motions are comforting to the baby because they are similar to the way the baby would move from side to side in the womb when the mother would walk before birth. Swinging is a great way to calm your baby!

* Sucking. Sucking often allows babies to work out their aggression so it is a great resource for parents that are trying to calm their agitated baby. Sucking can be done on a pacifier, bottle, or the breast. Sucking is natural and babies are often able to work out gas and colic pains through sucking.

The 5 S’s seem too easy to actually work, don’t they? But, these are all effective ways to calm your baby, just ask any mother that has several children or any mother that has purchased Dr. Harvey’s book. If you haven’t tried the 5 S’s with your baby yet, what are you waiting for? It’ll be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself or your baby!

Vickie Barnes is a colic veteran of two colicky babies. Please visit her website, for more support and resources for dealing with colic.