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What is the Mature and Conscious Approach to Goal Setting?

Goal setting is often seen as the most important as well as most difficult aspect of life success, time management, and personal development.

Whether we consciously set them or not, we always have goals which rise from our deepest convictions, hang-ups, beliefs, and perspectives.

An automatic guidance system navigates us through our life.

But conscious goal setting is better.

However, by focusing only on ‘goal setting’ without taking a whole life approach to organizing our life and understanding our deepest values, we may follow the same old automatic and less than desirable goal setting systems as we have in the past.

Do you relate?

I realized that what is required for long lasting genuine goal setting is a deeper control of desired reality.

Good goal setting necessarily involves all areas of a persons life, including intellectual, emotional, spiritual (their values), and physical.

Good goal setting also involves what a person would like to do, what they would like to have, and who they would like to become.

And good goal setting also does these things throughout time. I.e. Things wanted in the present, things wanted short term, medium term, and long term into the future.

Good Goal Setting then requires that these identifications are controlled and organized.

This is the bit that most people find too difficult.

The simplest technique is to stick your goal setting notes onto a wall some place in your home so you can review it and stay mindful of it.

From that point you will make short term commitments in line with the bigger picture, and then schedule those milestone goals.

Is this all obvious? If so, are you 100% satisfied with your application of the obvious?

If not, would you closely consider the possibility that you have not fully identified or become emotionally involved strongly enough, with all of the elements that your goal setting includes?

It is the emotional motivation that will keep us on track to goal setting properly as explained above, and to maintaining the discipline to act on our short term commitments.

Goal Setting should be a thorough and efficient part of our life. Just a little bit of effort to get the above technique of goal setting done properly can make your experience of goal setting stimulating and enjoyable, instead of disheartening as it is for many people.

Take control of a mature approach to goal setting.

My breakthrough revelation for Goal Setting is represented in only 2 simple steps that anyone can apply.

The 2 Steps of Goal Setting

First, write it all out – ‘Don’t just think it, ink it!’
(write down your current projects or desired activities and desired future)

Second, think about it often.
(maintain satisfactory awareness on what you write down)

This is the very core of Goal Setting that we must discipline our minds to do as habit before any of the more fancy techniques can make much difference.

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