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What Qualifies You For Lasik Surgery

As the results of lasik operations show that it is one of the most successful methods of operation available, the rage for the operation is growing by the day. So anyone who has myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism wants to undergo operation. But not all would be qualified for the operations. Let us discuss a few reasons for which you might not be treated as an ideal candidate for this surgery.

If you are below 18 years of age, then it is highly likely that the optometrist would be not to keen to operate on you. Some might even want to wait till you are 21. The reason is simple. At a young age the eyes are still in a stage of development and there is always the chance that a present complication will subside by itself as you grow older. So the surgeon would like to give your eyes more time to see if they can get it right by themselves.

Pregnancy will also rule out a patient’s eligibility for this operation. During pregnancy the woman’s body is under continuous hormonal changes. Such changes can actually bend the rays of lasers thereby causing results not intended. To avoid such skewed response by the patient’s eye to a surgery, the operation is avoided during the time of pregnancy. It can always be performed later.

If you are suffering from various eye related problems over a period of time then also you might not be considered for the surgery. This is more of a precautionary measure. But one has to understand to live with it. After all it is a question about one’s eyes.

Another important factor that you need to consider is whether you would be able to bear the costs of the operation. The average cost of this surgery comes to around $1800 for each eye. Now that is a lot of money, especially if it is a one-time investment. You will be very fortunate to have it covered by your insurance policy, cause most policies wouldn’t.

The other option is to avail various financial schemes where you pay the money over a period of years. So if you have to pay $4000 over 10 years then it becomes much more easier. Of course, it cannot be compared to costs of wearing glasses, but then again, you are getting back your normal vision.

The possibility of complications or imperfect vision after surgery vision correction can be greatly reduced if you simply find out if you are a good prospect for the surgery. Not everyone who wants LASIK vision correction is necessarily a good candidate to have the surgery. You should consider a few things before you settle on LASIK:

If you don’t like to take a chance every now and then, you probably shouldn’t have vision correction. There are possibilities of complications as a result of LASIK that you should research before having the procedure done. If having surgery vision correction could affect your career or is not covered by your insurance you should think of another alternative. The cost of operation is getting cheaper, but is still quite expensive and you’ll want to make sure it isn’t prohibited by your employer.

You must be an adult with refractive stability to be accepted for this operation vision correction. Refractive instability is determined by patients who are 20 or younger with fluctuating hormones due to such things as diabetes or someone who is pregnant or breastfeeding or taking medications that cause fluctuation in vision. If you regularly engage in contact sports or suffer from a condition or disease may affect wound healing you should consider an alternative to surgery vision correction.

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