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What Should You Not Do After a Massage?

A therapeutic massage can heal your muscle pain and do wonders for your body and mind. You can get rid of that extra burden by getting a sports massage in Dover Kent. But to get the most of it, you must avoid certain activities after a massage. Most therapists advise their clients about what activities they should do or not do. You can prolong these benefits by following the guidelines of your therapist.

You must keep these points in mind when you leave the massage table. By doing so, you’ll allow your body to readjust and your tissues will regain strength.

Things to Avoid After a Massage

Here is a list of few things that you must avoid. Don’t start these activities immediately after undergoing massage therapy.

1.Don’t Take Coffee

You shouldn’t take coffee immediately after your massage. Caffeine works as a stimulant and escalates your heart rate. Caffeinated drinks can trigger anxiety symptoms that may damage your heart. It is wise of you to stay away from coffee. You can enjoy a cup of coffee after 3 or 4 hours.

In case you want to drink something, taking herbal tea is a good idea. Herbal tea can calm your body and improve the benefits of a massage.

2.Avoid a Large Meal

Most therapists advise to drink water but you shouldn’t eat a meal. Though you may want to dine out, you surely don’t want a food comma. Try to avoid eating large meals after having a massage. In case you are feeling hungry, eat something light like snacks.

3.Don’t Drink Alcohol

Alcohol is the last thing that you would want to take after a massage. It is known to impair judgment and can literally reverse the massage effects. Alcohol creates a diuretic effect and this will intensify if you just had a massage. You may also dehydrate yourself which will seriously harm your body.

4.Don’t Exercise

Avoiding exercise is common advice that you’ll receive from therapists. That’s because a person usually feels relaxed after a massage. You may sense that your body can take heavy exercise but this isn’t a good idea.

Your muscles undergo workout when the therapist offers you a massage. All those pulling, stretching, and stripping exercises relax your muscles but involve heavy workout. You should allow your body muscles and tissues to relax. Doing exercise after a massage will only put your body under stress.

5.Avoid Hot Shower

Taking a shower is a good thing but an accurate temperature is very important. A warm shower can help you remove oils and relax your body. But you shouldn’t take a hot shower after undergoing a massage. Your blood circulation increases after a massage and the same happens when you take a hot shower.

If you take a hot bath or shower after undergoing massage, you may feel dizzy. You may faint if you combining both, massage and hot shower. So, you must bear in mind this point when you go for a shower.

6.Avoid Loud Music

Soothing music can help you reap more benefits from a massage. However, you must listen to peaceful and calm music to comfort your mind. Loud music can take your mind into a stressful situation. This can put your mind and body under stress and you may not fully enjoy the benefits of a massage.