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What You Never Knew About Traditional Irish Weddings

The distinctive traditions like Claddagh rings, superstitions, a special toast, as well as kilts and bagpipes make it really easy to distinguish an Irish wedding from the wedding celebrations of other countries. Let’s take a close look at some of these unique components in the Irish wedding.

One of the most unique of all is the Claddagh ring, a traditional Irish ring made to resemble a pair of hands holding a heart with a crown. According to tradition, these rings must be passed down from mother to daughter and since they are intended to be passed down through many generations it is considered improper to purchase one of these rings on your own. There is also a tradition that states how the ring is supposed to be worn. If someone is engaged, the ring is to be worn with the tips of the crown facing outward towards the fingertips. Someone who is not romantically involved would wear the ring in the outward position, meaning that the tips of the crown are pointing to the wrist.

Some of the other unique aspects of traditional Irish weddings are the strange superstitions that surround them. Although a rainy or overcast day is really unwanted at any wedding, it is even less desirable at an Irish celebration because according to tradition the sun must shine down on the bride so that the couple will be blessed with good luck. The Irish are very superstitious people; another sign of good luck for a new couple is the sound of a cuckoo or the sight of three magpies. When it comes to wishing the couple well and congratulating them it is bad luck for a female to be the first one to offer congratulations to the bride. This is why a relative or close friend of the Groom will always be sure that he is first.

No celebration in Ireland would be the same without the sound of bagpipes and the presence of kilts. By tradition it is customary for the pipes to be played by family and friends of the couple as they walk into the church and also to the reception. In addition, these people who have brought their own bagpipes may also continue to play the pipes for dancing. It is a great opportunity for these individuals to dress in traditional kilts creating a truly distinctive occasion.

Superstitions a play a large role in a traditional Irish wedding and many of the traditional superstitions relate to objects or occurrences that are thought to bring the couple good luck. These events are festive celebrations that involve family, friends, lots of food and great music.

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