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What You Want To Know About Road Rage

Road rage and aggressive driving are becoming a real problem nowadays. Indeed some people do not even accept the term rod rage but in reality they bump into the same problem over and over again. While it is convenient to believe road rage is not a real issue but just bad driving skills, it is best to see what causes it and how to prevent ourselves from being victims of aggressive driving.

Road rage can be caused by many factors and in most cases the real reason for road rage can be a mix of several of them. Generally there are three defined factors that lead to road rage – environment, instructive responses, and territorial defensiveness.

The environmental factors include traffic, weather, another person bad or dangerous driving, time constrains, even noise. The instructive responses are usually triggered by another driver bad or aggressive driving and the territorial defensiveness appears when the driver defends his/hers personal space in response to another individuals driving.

Road rage is quite dangerous especially when it leads to personal abuse. There are some signs that can show you have become a victim of an aggressive driver. The first thing to have in mind when driving is to be a good driver yourself. This way t is less likely to drive another driver mad and become a victim of road rage.

Being a good driver is hard and sometimes it requires more patience and strong nerves. Even if you see that another driver is not obeying the traffic rules and his acts are not in your benefit, let him do what is in his mind.

Be careful not to make inappropriate face or hand gestures and do not use your horn when it is not really necessary. It is tempting to use the horn just to punish the aggressive driver but in fact you will just draw his attention to you.

If you see that there is an aggressive driver that has taken you as a target stay calm and continue driving normally. Avoid eye contact, leave him plenty of room. Putting as much distance as possible between you and the road rager is the best thing to do in such case.

Sometimes you may come across a really aggressive driver that starts following you. Your first reaction is to escape and stoop at the nearest lively place such as a gas station of a shopping mall. Do not be tempted by this idea. Cary on driving normally he will give up at some point. Stopping may lead to personal abuse and unless you are good in self defense than you better do not try it. The other option is to stop next to the police but remember that it will be hard to prove anything and once you are in the vehicle again the aggressive driver will be more mad than ever.

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