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Who Is Dr. Harvey Karp?

When you are a new parent you hear about a lot of different specialists and authors of great books, but sometimes you wonder who these people actually are. It’s good to question these supposed authorities on babies. One specialist you may have heard about is Dr. Harvey Karp. He has written a book called The Happiest Baby On The Block and has been working with babies and their parents for more than 25 years. Dr. Harvey Karp has done extensive research into crying and colic and provides parents with some great information in his book. Crying and colic is something that every new parent can use some help or advice with, so if you haven’t picked up his book yet, you might want to do so.

Dr. Harvey Karp is quite the celebrated pediatrician. He trained with the well-known Dr. Brazelton who is often considered a true authority on child rearing. Dr. Harvey Karp is also a professor at UCLA School of Medicine where he continues to educate up and coming doctors on children’s health. Dr. Harvey Karp has had a continuing passion for children’s health and breastfeeding since he began practicing. In 1981 he was given the prestigious Ehrman Fellowship to study colic and crying, and from those studies he has gleaned some important information that he passes onto parents in his book and other publications.

Dr. Harvey Karp is well known for his 5 S’s for children who are suffering from colic or gas. The 5 S’s are a strategy that shows new parents how to comfort their children. Through studies the doctor has learned that all children respond to these things, especially if they have parents that use these things regularly. The 5 S’s is something that many other pediatricians use and believe in, and pass onto their patients. Any doctor that can get the backing of other pediatricians is exceptional, and Dr. Harvey Karp truly is.

It’s rare to find a pediatrician as celebrated as Dr. Harvey Karp, but his dedication to finding relief for babies and families suffering from are undeniable. Dr. Harvey Karp continues to practice today in his private practice in California. He has children of his own, so he knows how important valid information about infants really is. If you can trust anyone, new parents can trust Dr. Harvey Karp. If you have a baby that suffers from colic or you’d just like to know how to effectively soothe your crying baby, Dr. Harvey Karp can help you out. The Happiest Baby On The Block really should be considered a must read for all new parents as it can really help you achieve maximum comfort for your baby and minimum stress for you.

Vickie Barnes is a colic veteran of two colicky babies. Please visit her website, for more support and resources for dealing with colic.