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Why Are Kids So Crazy About Skateboarding?

Many people take up skateboarding as a simple means of transportation. It is portable, fairly inexpensive, and faster than walking. Skateboarding goes beyond rolling on the ground, though, as many people have witnessed. Driving down the street, it is not unlikely you will see skateboarders defying basic physics, as they slide down handrails, stairs, benches and other various locations commonly found around town. Who do these stunts generally appeal to? Adrenaline junkies. Why? Just for the thrill of it!

Addicted to the excitement, the inevitable danger, and being invariably involved, adrenaline junkies are eager to learn tricks that push boundaries. Pushing boundaries gives them the feeling of being invincible.

Because certain skateboards are better designed for certain stunts, and certain stunts are more stimulating than others to different people, it is important to experiment with different skateboard designs. This can include using a skateboard with a different number of wheels, unique type of wheel, or boards of different dynamics. Doing so is what makes the simple skater evolve into a thrill-seeker. With each unique design comes new possibilities. Injury risk is more of an encourager than a deterrent, as it fuels desire to push boundaries.

Chances are that you have noticed “no skating” signs around town, because it is often illegal to skate in and around the city. With all the skateboard parks scattered around America, it seems that skateboarders are often seeking new places to seek new thrills. The thrill of a skateboard park soon diminishes once they have mastered what it has to offer, and once that trill is diminished, they seek new thrills. Going to new areas gives them time to try out new tricks, having their imagination as their only limit.

Upgrading their skateboard is another way skateboards expend their thrill. From wood skate wheels, to the motorized skateboard, skateboarders can use various designs to reach a variety of heights, speeds, and techniques.

Skateboarders enjoy the challenge of learning new tricks to beat the champions while at the same time enjoy watching the champions perform tricks they have not yet learned themselves.

Ironically enough, risk of injury is one thing skateboarders thrive off of. Whether or not they ignore, or whether or not they want to defy the possibility of injury, fact remains that it is usually an appealing element to skateboarders. The fact is that the more likely they are to receive an injury, the harder they try, and more determined they are to perfect the trick.

Unique designs, different environments/possibilities, breaking the law, mastering new tricks, and risk of injury are all pieces which create a whole. The whole is what many people call “adrenaline junkies”, or thrill seekers.

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