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Why Did My Child Get Cancer?

Although there is accumulating evidence linking environmental factors in the development of cancer; still the answer to the above question remains unknown in this modern day and age of human science and study.

As much as a detailed history and risk factor recognition could reveal a combination of possible exposures that may explain somewhat the cause of cancers. The question of “Why my child?” is, at this stage of knowledge, more difficult to answer however.

Cancer is a disease that occurs when a complex and not completely understood process involving genetic and environmental factors interaction results in the development of an abnormal cellular response otherwise known as malignancy.

In the United States and Europe that overall rates of childhood cancer have been steadily increasing since the 1970s and continue to be on an upward trend, the commonest cancers being those of the blood (leukemia), central nervous system tumours and of the lymphatic system (Lymphomas).

The rates of childhood cancer have been noted to be higher in children younger than 5 years of age with another incidence spike in those aged between 15 to 19 years, again the answer to why this is obviously requires further study, analysis and research.

This upward trend has raised valid concern as to what the causes might be and why modern day medicine which aims at preventing and treating these illnesses has been puzzled by this cancer myth. Could it be that human progression and scientific development perhaps are counteracting our goals?

Below is a list of common risk factors that have been associated with various types of cancers:

-Ionizing radiation.
-Proximity to nuclear facilities
-Exposure to radon
-Diagnostic radiographs
-Non-ionizing radiation.
-Solar UV radiation
-Extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields(electric cables)
-Viruses (e.g Hepatitis)
-Traffic-related air pollution (exposure to Formaldehyde)
-Industrial air pollution (exposure to toxic fumes)
-Environmental tobacco smoke (Exposure to carbon monoxide and formaldehyde)
-Pesticides and various chemical toxins.
-Medications, food and drugs
-Parental occupational exposures

As a result of the above information and by revising what we currently do know about cancer and its causation, thought still unsatisfactory. It is essential to take the above triggers extremely seriously and avoid the hazards that may result following exposure to them.

Learn to live life well, especially if you are planning on getting pregnant or already are.Everything you eat, drink and breathe should be a cause of concern in this day and age as we have become an overchemicalized and toxin dependant world.

Having said all that it is hard and perhaps close to impossible to control your surroundings all the time, still you need to discipline yourself and learn to be diligent in what you expose yourself, genetics and future children to.

Dr.Iman Ashour. She is a member of the Fourpoint Group and helps people set up a healthy and successful home based business that result in a stable extra source of income and is committed to helping people live healthier.
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