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Why should one buy a silk comforter?

Buying a silk comforter can be a great investment for your bedroom. There are many benefits to buying a silk comforter. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and wards off toxins such as molds and fungi. Silk is odorless, and can be used all year round. Silk comforters actually cost less than their competitors, down comforters, but hundreds of dollars. Silk is extremely strong, making it extra durable, meaning it is a perfect long term investment for your bed. Silk provides an incredible night’s sleep, it feels like you are sleeping on the clouds. Silk comforter sets also come with pillows, cushions, and shams, so you are getting extreme value from your purchase.

Buying a silk comforter can be a great purchase for your master bedroom. Silk has incredible benefits and can really give you the best night sleep possible. Silk is hypoallergenic due to silk’s natural ability to ward off toxins such as mold, fungi, and dust mites. Silk is incredibly light, but provides great warmth while you sleep. It can be warm in the winter, but also be cool in the summer making it an all season comforter, perfect for you. Silk is extremely durable due to its strength of its threads, it is as strong as steel . Silk also requires little maintenance as it rarely needs to be washed due to its qualities discussed earlier.

Silk has one main competitor in the comforter’s market, and that is down comforters. I have slept with both, and there is no comparison between silk and down comforters. Silk comforters are much cheaper than down comforters, usually by a lot. Most down comforters would cost twice the amount of a similar silk comforter. Silk comforters provide no odor, whereas most down comforters over time do build up an intolerable odor. One other problem with down is that over time, the down filling shifts inside of the comforter. Silk will not do this as it is held strongly together, providing for the ultimate consistency. Down comforters also do not provide the hypoallergenic benefits of silk. Down comforters have been known to cause allergic reactions, but that will never happen with silk. Down should not be used in warmer weather whereas silk can be used all year round.

Silk comforter sets can be purchased normally for less than seven hundred dollars. They come with a bevy of silk items which provide the ultimate in bedding products and call for excellent nights of sleep. Most comforter sets come in all different sizes; queen, king, twin, etc. Normally, they also come with a set of pillows, as well as a set of cushions and shams. Silk comforters are supposed to last for a long time, so it is proper to take care of it like an investment. Silk should be aired out every once and a while, only for a few hours. It should be hand washed for the first few times, but then can be machine washed if need to be. Overall, buying a silk comforter is a smart buy and you will not be saddened by your decision.

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