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Why You Need To Have Your Prices Upfront

How much do you charge? I don’t know. I’ll have to check with my brain.


In nine out of ten sites, customers will not be told upfront, how much the customer is expected to pay for a product or a service.

The website/brochure will hem and haw, and not tell you what you really need to know: How much does the damned thing cost?

In the earlier, more foolish days, we tried to keep our prices a mystery. As a result, we’d have dozens of inquiries. All the inquiries turned to custard. Once people found out how much we charged, they just went elsewhere. So why not get those customers to go elsewhere, in the first place?

Why not get rid of the tyre-kickers?
Why not display your prices upfront?

Yes, I know; You probably don’t want to do the price upfront thing, because you don’t know what to quote. I mean a print quote depends on paper, binding, and so many other variables. So make it easy for me. Show me three different quotes for a book, for instance. Show me three different books and tell me how each book had different specifications, and what each book cost. Then, cunningly, put the testimonial of the customer that placed the order.

It’s a waste of your time, not to put prices upfront. Putting prices upfront, saves your time, effort and gets you qualified customers.

Ask me. I just got off the call where the customer paid his hourly consulting fee (which was upfront on the site).

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