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Will Hypnosis For Weight Loss Work For You?

As of the moment weight loss hypnosis has been the subject of many questions some people just find the procedure a little too easy for weight loss. Most of the experts say otherwise. The problem with believing in weight loss hypnosis can be rooted to the false ideas of hypnosis that television and Hollywood has embedded into our minds.

Hollywood has created the mindset that a hypnotist is a person with a spiral rotating glasses that makes the person go all sleepy or maybe aperson with a pendulum in a chain that oscillates ever so slightyly, some even go as far as having full control over a person’s actions and decisions.


1.A person won’t hear anything other than the voice of the hypnotist. This isn’t true, the senses do not become selective with hypnosis.

2.The hypnotist has complete control over the patient during hypnosis. This is again false, in fact hypnosis gives the subject more control over his decisions it just removes the scattered inhibitions that a person usually connect with weight loss.

3.Only the gullible and weak minded are affected by hypnotism. This isn’t true, every normal person can be hypnotized. Anyone willing to follow instructions for self-improvement can be hypnotized.

4.Hypnosis puts things into your mind and controls you. No hypnosis is never about mind control nor putting things into your mind. Basically, a person already has it in himself to improve. In the case of weight loss hypnosis, a person entering into the program already has the want to lose weight, but is only inhibited due to their past or the negative vibes in their environment. These negative conditioning is removed through hypnosis, and what is left is the person’s desire to lose weight.

Real life hypnosis is actually giving the person more control over his actions. For example, people who volunteer to go up on stage after hypnosis, this isn’t a form of mind control rather hypnosis gives the person an acceptable context that makes a person realize that their inhibitions aren’t as important as they make them to be.

As for hypnosis for weight loss, most of the time hypnosis helps by contributing to the person’s will power. Most of the time, people who try to lose weight by sheer willpower fail miserably because willpower is from the conscious mind. However, we can see that the conscious mind isn’t all that controls the body, in most cases, the unconscious has more control over the body than the conscious. Oftentimes, having a conscious driving force towards weight loss can produce a conscious driving force towards the other direction, that which is towards self contentment, which is most of the time either snacking or forgoing the trip to the gym.

Hypnosis uses a series of conversations with the unconscious mind to lose inhibitions and to see the benefit of the activity, in this case wight loss. By removing the negative training that your environment has given you, the body will automatically go towards what it thinks is the better more beneficial path, which is in this case healthy eating and exercising behaviors.

Hypnosis in a sense, lets the person control his emotions, rather than letting his emotions control him. It is all a matter of reinforcing the desire to lose weight that is already there and then removing the inhibitions against it.

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