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Will You Keep On Slaying Dragons Or Be A Hero?

“Well, Johnny,” said his Mom, as she closed the book, “that’s it for dragons tonight.”

As she tucked him under the covers, she noticed that he was frowning.

“Do you have something on your mind, son?”

“I think St. George had it easy.”

“No, he didn’t he killed the dragon. It wasn’t easy at all.”

“Anyone can kill a dragon, Mom. It’s not hard. Just stick him with your lance.”

She kissed him on his brow and started to walk out of the room.

“You know what’s hard, Mom?” asked Johnny.

Sighing, Agnes returned and sat on the side of the bed.

“You know, Mom, anyone can kill a dragon. What is real hard is waking up every morning and trying to love people all over again. That takes a real hero.”

There comes a time in every life when people face a day of reckoning. For some it comes early. For others late. Possibly, for a few it never comes.

On that day, you ask: “Did I help someone, did I do well by someone, did I make a difference? Did I love myself, did I love other people, did I love the world?”

It’s easy enough to just drift through life and whittle it away, one uncaring day after another, preoccupied with just trying to survive, but that’s not what this entire earth journey is about at all.

Did you give back to others? Did you love enough? Did you laugh with anyone? Did you understand another’s pain? Did you make a small effort to leave things better than you found them?

Perhaps you don’t have a prescient little soul like Johnny in your life to remind you of the deeper things, but you can still be a hero any day. There’s much more to life than just slaying dragons.

Who did you help today? Who did you hurt today? Who did you thank today? Who did you forgive today?

And how will you do it better tomorrow?

What will you be today and tomorrow?

What will you do with the rest of your life?

Will you keep on slaying dragons or be a hero?

With that said, assuming that a switch will do you a world of good, how do you turn an “I should do it but I don’t want to do it” into an “I want to do it and I want to do it now”?

You change the associations in your mind.

What is happening inside people who do learn how to love others?

They are operating on the Pleasure Response.

In their minds, they envision their friendship, reciprocity, and commitment. They imagine compliments and sharing. The whole relationship phenomena is a thrill to them.

Using your mental software program called your imagination, you can hold similar thoughts, feelings, and sensations. Run this program long enough and intensely enough and you’ll be enjoying a better relationship with people in no time.

The Pleasure Response. Tap into it and you can live a much happier, productive, wealthier, and healthier life.

Here, then, is a brief checklist to make the Pleasure Response work for you.

1. Identify what you ought to do but don’t want to do.
2. Decide whether this is something that you should actually consider not doing at all.
3. If you decide it would be highly beneficial to do it, then make a list of all the painful mental associations you have with this activity.
4. Now write just the opposite response.
5. Run an imaginary scene in your mind where you are doing it and deriving a lot of pleasure.
6. You can amp up this scene with intensity and repetition.
7. You have now connected with the Pleasure Response.

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