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William Rast Jeans: Southern Comfort With Hollywood Glamour

William Rast Jeans is a Los Angeles, California based clothing line specializing in denim. The company was founded by Justin Timberlake, yes that Justin Timberlake, and his friend Trace Ayala. The name is made from the combination of Timberlake’s grandfather’s first name and Ayala’s grandfathers’ last name. They launched in 2006 and have garnered great reviews in their short existence.

William Rast Jeans are their signature product and every pair comes with embroidery on the back pocket that looks like a “V” with a slash through it. This way everyone knows when someone is wearing this apparel. They make other clothes including William Rast Womens Jeans, tops and jackets. Most of the pants are designed with 98% cotton and 2% elastine. This line of clothing is said to have a fashionable yet classic appeal.

William Rast Jeans are becoming quite the popular denim choice for women everywhere. They make comfortable designs that help to accentuate a women’s figure. This line of women’s apparel also carries a feeling of a Tomboy with sex appeal and class. That’s a lot to say about a set of clothes. They use a lot of bondage lacing, and with the William Rast women’s jeans, they use a lot less black and have been using a good balance of different colors. Women seem drawn to these clothes and it’s evident they aren’t drawn simply because of owner and pop icon, Timberlake. Instead, this is a product that is doing quite well do to its quality.

The reason the variety of different looks comes from the two childhood friends’ idea that they wanted to mix Memphis, Tennessee, their hometown, with Los Angeles, California, their current home. They successfully did this by coupling the laid back Southern feel of Memphis with a hint of the chaos of Hollywood. They seem to strike that balance well with their denim and the line as a whole.

There are a variety of reasons people enjoy this newcomer of the fashion world. Whether the customer is just in denim and jeans, is a big fan of the owners or likes comfortable clothing that’s hip and casual, the customer will always be happy in these clothes. They seem to have something for everyone and while they are made in Los Angeles, the price reflects something closer to the humbleness of Memphis. With these clothes no one is ever too glamourous nor too under dressed, rather you are always appropriate.

Article written by Paul Wise, after extensive research on William Rast Jeans. If you are looking for more information on William Rast Womens Jeans, Paul recommends visiting is a great informational resource.