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Wood Pallets Vs. Plastic Pallets

Before we go directly to the comparison between wood and plastic pallets, lets first discuss a few things about pallets in general. Also referred to as skids, pallets are platforms youll see commonly used in manufacturing companies; they help workers transfer high volume of goods that are of considerable weight from one place to another. Goods transferred with the use of pallets acquire minimum, if any, damage because straps are used to keep them secure. Prices of pallets vary, and depend primarily on the material theyre made of. Certain pallets are more suitable for use for specific industries.

1. The characteristics of wooden pallets

Common Wood is one of the most commonly used materials to manufacture pallets;

Affordable Compared to pallets made from other materials, wood pallets are easier on the pocket; wood pallets are in fact considered disposable pallets because their prices make them easily replaceable

Flexible The flexibility of wood pallets make them ideal for carrying any kind of goods

Sturdy Wood pallets, although not as strong as metal pallets, can still be relied on to transport heavy goods without causing damage

2. Advantages that wooden pallets have

Wood pallets work better than most on flat wetland soils. Rocks, pebbles and other natural obstacles must be cleared from the path however to ensure smooth transport of goods. If these are not cleared away beforehand, they may cause abrading of wood pallets.

Wood pallets are easier to buy than other types of pallets. They are available in hardware stores and other retail outlets. Wood pallets can be assembled on the field or off-site. This is especially important for companies that transport goods to various types of locations. Secondly, wood pallets are very easy to assemble. You can even make your own wood pallet, as building them will take only a few hours, and most materials and equipment used can be found already in your garage. If wood pallets are damaged in any way, broken parts or planks can be easily repaired and replaced. Missing nails can likewise be substituted.

As for maintenance, wood pallets require almost no cleaning at all; owners however must keep them from getting wet because all wooden products are vulnerable to moisture and extreme temperature changes.

3. The disadvantages of wooden pallets

Like any material made from wood, wood pallets will wear off eventually. Its lifespan will be short-lived if its used extensively.

4. Plastic pallets

Plastic pallets are more pleasing to the eye. They also last longer than wood pallets because theyre mostly used for transporting goods that arent as heavy as those being carried by wood pallets. Plastic pallets however are much more expensive than wood pallets.

5. Press pallets

Manufacturing companies count the press or publishing industry as one of its important clients because of the volume of orders it represents. Press pallets come in various sizes to accommodate the different series of sheet fed machines. Certain press pallet models are also specifically manufactured to fit all types of web presses. All plastic press pallets correspond to inch and metric paper requirements to be able to cater to press companies producing maximum size sheets

6. Rib top pallets

This type of pallet is specifically designed for continuous feed sheet fed presses

Flat Top Pallet Pallets of this kind are suitable for transport of web presses

Specialty Rib Top Pallets This type of pallet is custom designed to transport laminated presses with dual sword entry

Nestable Pallets Pallets of this type are suited for newspaper distribution and logistics

7. Roll pallets

Such pallets are produced for easy transportation of cylindrical loads. Plastic roll pallets come in various sizes, and can bear the weight of mill size rolls. Goods being transported with the use of roll pallets are made from various materials like paper, fiber and rubber.

8. The verdict

For extremely heavy load, wood pallets may be the optimum solution because theyre affordable and easily replaceable. If youre after longevity and more features, however, plastic pallets will lighten the load on your shoulders in more ways than one!

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