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Yemens Climate Differs From Region to Region

The Republic of Yemen is situated in the South of the Arabian Peninsula between the Northern Hemisphere and the East of Greenwich. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is situated to the North of Yemen, to the South of the Republic are the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean, in the West the Red Sea. The Sultanate of Oman borders the Republic of Yemen to the East, which also stretches to the Ruba Al Khali.

Concerning the physical structure the Republic of Yemen can be divided into five regions, The Mountainous Region, the Plateau Region, the Costal Region, and the Ruba Al Khali Region and The Yemeni Isles Group.

Yemens climate differs from region to region according to their reliefs and their nearness to the equator. The climate degrades from the hot and humid orbital climate to cold climate. In general, the Republic of Yemen is distanced by the high temperature in the coastal regions and by the high rate of humidity in the summer and by a moderate water temperature. But in the internal and in the mountainous regions the climate is marked by moderate temperatures in the summer and cold temperatures in the water.

The official language of the Republic of Yemen is Arabic and Islam is the official religion. Still, there is also a minority of Jewish living in the North of Yemen enjoying all citizens’ rights which are guaranteed by Islam and by the Yemeni Constitution.

Yemen is slowly becoming known as the undiscovered pearl of the Peninsula by travellers in the know. Although the country is gradually modernising, youll find plenty of old style Arabia from spicy souqs to sumptuous palaces wherever you go.

Unrest in the North there is ongoing fighting between the government and militant groups in the Sadah region in the north, and incidents of foreigner kidnappings, means travellers need to be well informed before visiting Yemen. Travellers should monitor news services for any developments and respect any local advice regarding unsafe areas.

Effective July 2005 a visa may be obtained on arrival at ports of entry for a stay up to three months. Visitors staying 2 to 3 months must obtain an exit visa from local authorities after arrival. Minor children should be accompanied by their legal guardian and or provide parental consent to get exit visas to depart Yemen.

The US Department of State encourages all American travellers to register with their local Embassy or Consulate when arriving in a foreign country. Registration helps the Embassy to provide important services for American citizens residing or travelling abroad.

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