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Your Heart is the Primary Benefactor of Bamboo Leaf Green Tea

It has been reported that tea drinkers who drink 3 or more cups daily run an 11 percent less risk of heart attack or heart disease as reported in 2001 by the Journal of Epidemiology.

Named mainly by its appearance, Bamboo Leaf tea has become an exquisite drink due to its soft, delightful taste and fresh aroma. In 1964, Buddhist Monk Jue-Kong created a distinctive blend by using leaves that were flat and gleaming. Soon this form of tea had become cultivated in the E-Mei temples throughout Asia.

The Health Benefits of Green Teas

Like most other teas, this drink has many health benefits. Most teas by nature are excellent antioxidants that fight free radicals within the body. Some of these free radicals can produce many illnesses including cancer and heart disease. Drinking a couple of cups of freshly brewed Green tea can help reduce these radicals thus providing a purification or detoxification in the body.

Studies continue to show that drinking tea is an excellent way to promote health. This fine tea can be enjoyed anywhere and has become a widely accepted beverage and is available at most restaurants and coffee houses. Green leaf tea is the most popular tea in Asia, and consumed more than in any other country.
How green tea is processed may be a clue to why it is so good for us. Green tea, unlike its black tea cousin is dried or heated only slightly and is never fermented. In fact, it is heated just enough to reduce the grassy flavor but still maintain the natural and fresh taste.

Yet, the fact that the tea is processed so little is almost certain to be the reason for one of green tea’s main benefits. Out of all the traditional Asian teas except possibly white tea, which is processed the same; green tea has been reported to have the most medicinal value and lowest caffeine.

A word of caution though, most people cannot drink green tea on an empty stomach. If you want to avoid the unpleasant feeling of being punched in the stomach we recommend you eat a little before imbibing.

Other Medical Breakthroughs of Bamboo Leaf green tea

Green tea and white tea in generral is high in Poly-Phenol, which greatly reduces cancer-causing radicals. One 8oz cup of green tea has as much potency and health benefit as one 8oz cup of blueberries (a highly regarded antioxidant). Studies have shown the more tea that is consumed the less likely they will have certain types of cancer.

Green tea has also been shown to help in weight loss. This is because the EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) which is found in higher quantities in green and white tea stimulates our bodies to burn more calories. Tea also contains a certain amount of caffeine though less than coffee. In small quantities, green tea caffeine can help with mild headaches too.

In short, green and white teas such as the Bamboo Leaf tea can help reduce the free radicals that have been shown to contribute to heart disease.

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