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Your unique “FAT Triggers” and Bio-Interactive Science

Have you ever wanted to know exactly what foods caused you to gain or retain fat? Not food allergies, which is an auto-immune response your body has to foods; but, instead, the pancreatic response. At this level your blood sugars and insulin levels are affected, and human beings gain and/or retain weight.

If you want to lose weight you might want to learn and understand your body’s “FOOD TRIGGERS”.

Food Triggers are those foods and ingredients that may cause inappropriate reactions in your Blood Sugar levels and Insulin release. When this happens your body does not burn glucose as energy in an efficient manner. Instead, that process is inhibited. The result? Those sugars are instead stored as fat. It has been shown that by eliminating Food Triggers that you can significantly increase your ability to lose weight and, perhaps significantly, increase energetic response.

The result? More efficient weight loss and more energy; thus, increased “positive” health. These results can be staggering.

This has not been offered on a consumer level before through non-medical nor non-invasive means. But, it is coming. In some areas… it is already available.

The question that you might be asking yourself is… How?

The answer: Bio-Interactive Feedback Assessment.

Bio-Interactive Technology is nothing new. In fact, this science has been researched and studied for over forty years now. However, until just a few years ago, this has not been put to work in the consumer realm. A relatively new and innovative company, VivaTru, has done what no others could. VivaTru attained the world-wide exclusive rights to the first Bio-Interactive Feedback Assessment system, aptly named VivaTOUCH.

VivaTOUCH is a non-medical, non-invasive and extremely accurate instrument that will, in layman’s terms, knock your socks off. Through GSR, Galvanic Skin Response, proprietary and unique signatures are introduced to your body and your body responds to these signatures. These responses are analyzed through equally proprietary, revolutionary and state-of-the-art software, and your singular and unique results are reported by the VivaTOUCH.

World renowned and acclaimed Physicist, Dr. Aharon Friedman, one of the most brilliant minds on the planet, has been researching Food Triggers for some years now and is also a “product” of that research. Dr. Friedman was clinically Obese just 3 years ago. Looking into the mirror one day after his usual 14plus hours of sleep he declared, “enough”.

Dr. Friedman went to work dissecting the problem. He found that at the base level, the body regulated weight loss or gain through blood sugar levels and insulin release. The more perfectly harmonized the body’s blood sugar level, the more stable and efficient insulin release was managed.

Thus, he learned through his research that if he could only balance his blood sugars and insulin levels, he could effectively lose the fat that he so desperately needed to lose.

He put his research to work. In less than two years Dr. Friedman dropped from a severely overweight 300+ pounds on his 5’9″ frame, to around 190 pounds. Dr. Friedman does not take Insulin nor drugs, and he is one of the top ranked 5k and 10k runners in the world for his age class. If you think that kind of a turn-around is not possible, or you might have lost hope in achieving results similar to his… think again.

Food Triggers.

There is an old adage, “You are what you eat.”

Modern Science is advancing by leaps and bounds yet our society is fatter than ever. Obesity is reaching epidemic proportions. Cancer has overtaken Heart Disease as our nation’s number one killer. Toxins ingested from our food supply and everyday consumables are being stored in our fat cells. The increase in child Obesity, Cancer, ADHD/ADD seems to be out of control. The next generation of children, our kids, have a life expectancy of several years less than our current generation!

Unfathomable. Detestable. Unforgivable?

This trend must begin to be reversed. Noted Economist and Trend Forecaster, and author of The Wellness Revolution, Paul Zane Pilzer suggests that if the current trend of Obesity continues at current rate, by the year 2040 the medical costs associated with Obesity will exceed our GNP! This cannot happen!

How do we begin to stop the madness?

It starts at home with you. It starts with having the knowledge necessary to understand the root of weight gain, and thus weight loss. It starts with taking responsibility for those foods we stuff into our mouth daily and that we funnel into our children. It starts with your discipline to simply say, “No!” to ignorance and “Yes!” to action.

VivaTOUCH is an answer that can start you down that path to enlightenment.

You have those answers, now, available to you. With this knowledge you also have the personal responsibility to help yourself (and your children) become “less” of your physical mass or unhealthy core and “more” of your healthier, true self.

Start today by becoming AWARE… becoming INFORMED… becoming KNOWLEDGABLE.

Lance Haverda, aka Lance Austin of the fitness site, is a father, fitness advocate, motivational speaker and author with a Masters degree in Engineering and over 20 years of Fitness experience. For more information about VivaTOUCH, Toxin Free or Lance contact him at, 512.297.5124. BECOME AWARE!